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  • Yun-A Shim,Jeongseon Lee, Sek-kyun Han, Sang-Gug Lee," Low noise RF front-end receiver for 3~5GHz", International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT), pp823-826, Feb.2008.
  • Huy-Binh Le, Huy-Hieu Nguyen and Sang-Gug Lee,“ Double Speed Cyclic Digital-to Analog Converter ",HUT-ICCE 2008, Hoi an, Vietnam, June 4-6, 2008.
  • Chang Shu, Min-Seok Kang, Sok-Kyun Han, Sang-Gug Lee",A single chip CMOS transmitter for UWB impulse radar applications,"Asia-Pacific Microwave Conf. (APMC)
  • Xiaohua Yu, Jeong-Seon Lee, Sang-Gug Lee,"A 53uW super-regenerative receiver for 2.4GHz wake-up application",Asia-Pacific Microwave Conf. (APMC)
  • Seok-Ju Yun, Sang-Gug Lee,"Transformer-coupled voltage controlled oscillator,"Asia-Pacific Microwave Conf. (APMC)
  • Chang-Jin Jeong, Sang-Gug Lee,"A fully integrated RSSI with wide dynamic range, low power consumption in DVB-H",Asia-Pacific Microwave Conf. (APMC)
  • Abdul Mujeeb, Sigit Yuwono, Jeong Seon Lee, Sang-Gug Lee,"Highly linear CMOS low noise amplifier with IIP3 boosting technique",Int. SoC Design Conf.(ISOCC)
  • Yang Sun, Jeong-Seon Lee, Sang-Gug Lee,"On-chip active RF rracking filter with 60dB 3rd-order harmonic rejection for digital TV tuners", Int. SoC Design Conf.(ISOCC)
  • Olim Hidayov, Hakimjon Zaynuddinov, Hyung Chul Park, Kondekar Pravin, Sang-Gug Lee, “Method of Computing Spectral Factors in Piecewise-Quadratic Bases and its Application in Problems of Digital Signal Processing,” IWSSIP 2008, pp.404-404, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, 25-28 June 2008.
  • H.N. Nguyen, Y.S.Jang, Y.S.Son, S.T.ak Ryu, S.G. Lee" A Multi-bit/Cycle 12-bit Cyclic DAC for TFT-LCD Column Drivers,", International Display Workshop 2008, 03,Dec.,2008