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정문숙(Moon-Suk Jung)
  • 042-866-6293


  • 2000. 2: B.S, School of Electronic Engineering, Wonkwang Univ.
  • 2001.8 ~2003. 8 : Master student at Chonnam National Univ. 

Research area

  • UWB Transceiver Circuits Design (2003.8 ~ now)
  • Research of high linearity circuit technique for WCDMA system (2004. 11 ~ now) 

Research result

  •  New Wideband Amplifier topology (2004.5)



  • A 2.7 to 9.3 GHz CMOS wideband amplifier combined with high pass filter for UWB system
    Mun-Sook Jung; Chang-Wan Kim; Phan Tuan Anh; Hoon-Tae Kim; Sang-Gug Lee;
    Advanced Communication Technology, 2005, ICACT 2005. The 7th International Conference on Volume 1, 21-23 Feb. 2005 Page(s):57 - 60
  • C.-W. Kim, M.-S. Jung, S.-G. Lee",An Ultra-wideband CMOS Low Noise Amplifier", IEE, Electronics Letters(SCI) ,Vol. 41, No 7, pp. 384-385, Mar. 2005. 

    Anh-Tuan Phan, Chang-Wan Kim, Moon-Suk Jung, Yun-A Shim, Jae-Yung Kim and Sang-Gug Lee,"A Novel 1.5V DC Offset Cancellation CMOS Down Conversion Mixer", to be presented at 2005 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS2005), Kobe, Japan, 23-26 May, 2005.

    Anh- Tuan Phan, Chang- Wan Kim, Min-Seok Kang, Mun- Suk Chong, Chun- Deok Su and Sang- Gug Lee, "A Novel Image Rejection CMOS Mixer Using T-Structure Filter", the fifth IEEE International Caracas Conference on Devices, Circuits and Systems (ICCDCS 2004), pp. 37-40, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Nov. 2004.

    이상국, 김창완, 정문숙, 판, 투앙 앙, 심윤아, 마중수,"초광대역 무선 통신 시스템의 수신 장치 및 이를 이용한 신호 변환 방법", 출원번호 : 2005-47349, 출원일 : 2005-06-02, 심사청구: 유.