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RF Integrated Circuit Design

  • Radio frequency refers to electromagnetic wave in the range of 3kHz to 300GHz, which corresponds to the frequency of radio waves. Generally, RF includes overall research and design using high-frequency and wireless communication in radio frequency band. RF can be applied to vast applications including communication, radar, detector, RFID and etc.
  • System Designs
    •   - ISM band applications(~2.4GHz) : ultra-low power transceiver and wake-up radio systems for IoT devices
    •   - Architectures: heterodyne, homodyne, low-IF, direct conversion, etc
    •   - LADAR receiver and RADAR transceiver design
  • Integrated Circuit Designs
    •   - Amplifiers: low-noise amplifiers, driver amplifiers, AGC amplifiers
    •   - Mixers: down-conversion mixers for receiver
    •   - Voltage controlled oscillators and PLLs
    •   - Power amplifiers
    •   - RF filters

Analog Integrated Circuit Design

  • Analog integrated circuit design has been one of the most essential and challenging work in electrical engineering. Generally, it has specializations in power IC design, and ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) design. In power IC design, we`re developing energy harvesting circuits for TEG (Thermo-Electric Generator, or also called a Seeback generator) applications and the highly efficient power converters for mobile systems. In ASIC design, we have focused on automotive semiconductor devices and researched on contactless position sensor design, signal processing technique, and low cost design for automotive applications.
  • System Designs
    •   - Energy harvesting circuits: Low startup circuits, DC-DC boost converters
    •   - Power converter systems for mobile systems (Operating range of 2.7-3.3V)
    •   - Automotive semiconductor devices (Phase detection based processing, -40-125˚C temperature range)
    •   - Applications: Accelerator position sensor, brake pedal position sensor, steering torque, angle sensor, and etc.
  • Integrated Circuit Designs
    •   - Energy harvesting circuits: Low startup circuits, DC-DC boost converters
    •   - Efficient power converters: Frequency regulation blocks, DC-DC buck converters
    •   - Sensor front-end: Sensor wire, quadrature LC oscillators, phase detectors, rectifiers, instrumentation amplifies
    •   - Signal processor: TDC (Time-to-digital converter), gain and offset trimming blocks, output driving amplifiers
    •   - Analog filters

Terahertz Circuit Design

  • Terahertz consists of electromagnetic waves at frequencies from 300GHz to 3THz. The significant features of THz wave are penetrating a variety of materials, traveling in a straight line and being harmless to human body. THz technology can be widely applicable to the field of environment/pollution, food inspection, bio-diagnostics and communication.
  • System Designs
    •   - Real time THz imaging system
    •   - THz communication system
    •   - Spectroscopy system
  • Integrated Circuit Designs
    •   - THz Detectors
    •   - THz Amplifiers
    •   - THz Oscillators
    •   - THz Frequency Multiplier

Smart Battery Management

  • Battery project aims to provide a convergent approach to the management of batteries by electronics systems. In order to increase systems efficiency, reliability, life-time and user’s safety.
  • System Designs
    •   - Battery diagnosis tool for professionals
    •   - Battery on-board diagnosis tool
    •   - Thermodynamics-aware charging algorithms
  • Integrated Circuit Designs
    •   - Charging IC for IoTs, smartphones & small devices
    •   - Heavy-duty charger for houses, cars, airplanes
    •   - Diagnosis IC