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오영훈(Young-Hun Oh)
  • 042-866-6284


  • 1999 :B.S., Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Handong Univ.
  • 2002. 2 : M.S., School of Engineering, Information & Communication Univ.
  • 2007 : Ph.D. student at Information & Communication Univ  


  • RF-semi Internship Researcher
  • Attendee of ISSCC 2001, Sanfrancisco, U.S.A.
  • Paper Speaker of IEEE ESSCIRC 2001, Vilach, Austria

Research area

  • CMOS Optical Preamplifier (transimpedance)
  • General Purpose Amplifier & LNA Design for Cellular Using VBT (Vertical Bipolar Transistor)
     RF Tranceiver Design


Research result

  • 2000.10. CMOS Optical Preamplifier ( Transimpedance)
  • 2000. 7. 900MHz(Cellular)/1.85GHz(PCS) VBT Hybrid LNA Design



  • Yong-Hun Oh and Sang-Gug Lee, "A 2.5Gb/s CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Design Using a Novel Active Inductor Load", IEEE ESSCIRC Sept. 2001, Austria.
  • Quan Le, Yong-Hun Oh and Sang-Gug Lee, " Integrated Differential Preamplifier for 155Mb/s ATM- PON System with Fast Response, High Sensitivity and Wide Dynamic Range," Asia-Pacific Microw ave Conference (APMC2002), Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 2002.
  • Jin-pil Kim, Sang-Gug Lee, Yong-Hun Oh, Seong-su Park, " A 2.4 GHz Driver Amplifier for Bluetooth Application," IEEE, ICCS-2002, Nov. 2002, Singapore.


  • Jin-pil Kim, Yong-Hun Oh, Jin-Young Choi and Sang-Gug Lee, " A 5.8GHz LNA With Image Rejection And Gain Control Based On 0.18m CMOS,", Microwave and Optical Technology Letters. Vol. 36, No.6, pp 476-480, September 20, 2003. (SCI).


  • Yong-Hun Oh and Sang-Gug Lee , "An Inductance Enhancement Technique and Its Application to a Shunt-Peaked 2.5Gb/s Transimpedance Amplifier Design," Accepted on IEEE Transactions on Circ uits and Systems II (SCI).


  • Yong-Hun Oh, Quan Le, Sang-Gug Lee, Nguyen Duy Bien Yen, Ho-Yong Kang, and Tae-Whan Yoo, "Burst-Mode Transmitter for 1.25Gb/s Ethernet PON Applications", to be presented at 30th Internatio nal European Solid-State Circuits Conference(ESSCIRC), Leuven, Belgium, September 21-23, 2004.



  • " 광대역 증폭기 회로 구조 (High-gain and Wide-band Amplfier Architecture) ", Jan. 2001 Korea and US Patent Submitted
  • “ 레이저 다이오드의 특성 보상 장치 믗 이를 구비한 광 전송기” ,Mar.2003.


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  • Yong-Hun Oh, Quan Le, Sang-Gug Lee, "Apparatus for compensia for characteristics of laser diode and optical transmitter including the apparatus" , Application Number: 10/810202, 2004-03-26, US pa tent submitted.


  • Quan Le, Yong-Hun Oh, Sang-Gug Lee, "Burst mode optical receiver", Application Number: 10/810203, 2004-03-26, US patent submitted.