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홍종필(Jong-Phil Hong)
  • 042-350-6284


  • March 2007 ~ now
    Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea: Dept. of Information and Communications Engineering, Ph.D. candidate working on Frequency Synthesizer and RF Integrated Circuit Design.
    Advisor: Sang-Gug Lee
  • March 2005 ~ Feb. 2007
    Information and Communication University (ICU),Korea:School of Engineering, M.S. in RF Integrated Circuit Design.
    Thesis title: Low Power CMOS Differential LC-VCO and QVCO Design.
    Advisor: Sang-Gug Lee
  • March 1998 ~ Feb. 2005
    Korea Aerospace University, Korea. School of Electronics, B.S., Feb.2008
    Military Service for 3 years (2000~2002)

Research area

  • CMOS based RFIC Design for various radio transceiver applicationsn.
  • Frequency Synthesizer Design for wireless and wire-line communication systems using CMOS technology.

Design Experience  

  •  Ph. D. Student (March 2007 ~ Current)
    April 2008 ~ Current
    Low supply, high resolution, and low jitter frequency synthesizer design: Design and implementation of high performance frequency synthesizer with the deep sub-micron CMOS technology. Proposed analog charge-pump with wide locking range and low supply and low phase noise LC-VCO architecture [generated 1 paper and 2 patents]
    Project target specification: 1-V Supply/0.8-psRMS/0.05~1-GHz/ <65nm CMOS technology


  • Sept. 2006 ~ Feb. 2008
    802.11n 2×3 MIMO Dual-band Transceiver Design Project Responsible for LO Frequency Generation Block Design (2.4~2.5 and 4.9~5.825 GHz Band):High Frequency LC-VCO (9.6~11.6GHz), Injection Locked Frequency Divider (ILFD), LO Buffer for 2 Tx and 3 Rx.


  • Master Student (March 2005 ~ Feb. 2007)
    May 2006 ~ Aug. 2006
    Low power CMOS Wireless Transceiver Design for IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee Standard Project. Responsible for Low power and Low phase noise LC-VCO (900MHz band) is proposed [2007 paper]


  • May 2005 ~ April 2006
    Dualband (IEEE 802.15.4 Zigbee and IEEE 802.11.a WLAN application) Transceiver Design Project. Responsible for Transmitter and LO Frequency Generation Block Design (2.4~2.5 and 5.15~5.825GHz): Upconversion Mixer, Drive Amplifier, LC-VCO (3.2~3.7 GHz), CML type Frequency Divider, Single-Side Band (SSB) Mixer


  • International Journals (SCI:2 papers, SCIE: 1 paper)


  • Jong-Phil Hong and Sang-Gug Lee, "Low Phase Noise Gm-Boosted Differential Gate-to-Source Feedback Colpitts CMOS VCO," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC),Vol.44,No.11,pp.3079-3091, Nov, 2009.(Impact Factor:3.466)
     Jong-Phil Hong, Seok-Ju Yun, and Sang-Gug Lee, "A 2.2 mW Backgate Coupled LC Quadrature VCO with Current Reused Structure," IEEE Microwave and Wireless Component Letters (MWCL), Vol. 17, No. 4, pp.298-300, April, 2007. (Impact Factor:2.302)
     Jong-Phil Hong, Seok-Ju Yun, Nam-Jin Oh, and Sang-Gug Lee, “360uW/1mW Complementary Cross-Coupled Differential Colpitts LC-VCO/QVCO in 0.25um CMOS," IEICE Transactions on Electronics,.E90, No.12, Dec. 2007.(Impact Factor:0.68)


  • International Conferences


  • Jong-Phil Hong and Sang-Gug Lee, "Low Phase Noise Gm-Boosted Differential Colpitts CMOS VCO with Suppressed AM-to-FM Conversion," IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium, 2009, Boston, pp. 255-258.


  • Patents (US: 1 patent, Korean:3 patents)


  • Jong-Phil Hong and Sang-Gug Lee, "Low voltage frequency systhesizer using boosting method for power supply voltage of charge pump", Application No. 12/561910,2009-09-17,filed for US patent.
     Jong-Phil Hong, Sang-Gug Lee, and etc, "Locking Range Boosted Frequency Synthesizer", Application No. 10-2009-0071284, 08. 03, 2009. filed for domestic patent.
    Jong-Phil Hong and Sang-Gug Lee, "Gm-Boosted Differential Drain-to-Source Feedback Colpitts VCO", Application No. 10-2009-0042587, 5. 15. 2009. filed for domestic patent.
     Seok-Ju Yun, Jong-Phil Hong, and Sang-Gug Lee, "Differential Tuning VCO using Transformer", Application No. 10-2007-106095, 10 22, 2007. filed for domestic patent.