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Le Huy Binh
  • 042-866-6293


  • 2003.6 : B.S, Electronics and Telecommunications, Hanoi University of Technology (HUT), Vietnam.
  • 2005.02 ~ currently : Ms & Ph.D student at KAIST-ICC. 


  • 2003.7 ~ 2004.6. : Training and High Technology Transfer Ltd., Co., Hanoi, Vietnam.

       > LAN administration.

       > Analog/Digital Surveillance and Signal Processing Systems.

       > CCTV Security and Access Control; Wireless Video/Audio/Data

       > Transmission; and Audio/Video Surveillance Technologies.

       > Engineering and Industrial Automation
  • 2004.6 ~ 2004.10. : Insititute of material Science (IMS), Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technol-
    ogy (VAST), Vietnam.
  • 2005.02 ~ currently: Ms & Ph.D combined program at KAIST-IC

      > Cyclic Digital-to-Analog Converter

      > Sigma-Delta Analog - to - Digital Converter

      > Preamplifier for Electret Microphones

      > Digital Electret Microphones

      > Low power, low voltage circuits


  • 2006.03~2007.03: Internship at Siliconworks Company

      > Study Cyclic Digital-to-Analog Converter for LCD Column Driver


  •  Huy-Binh Le, Seung-Tak Ryu, Sang-Gug Lee, “An 84B DR Audio-Band ADC with a Single Power Supply Port for Compact Digital Microphones,” submitted to CICC 2009.


  • Huy-Binh Le and Sang-Gug Lee, “A 1-V low power gain boosted self-cascoding current mirror OTA,” International Journal of Electronics, to be published.


  • Huy-Binh Le, Seung-Tak Ryu, Sang-Gug Lee, “A Fully On-chip Gm-Opamp-RC Based Preamplifier for Electret Condenser Microphones", IEICE Trans, Electron, VOL E92-C. No.4, Apr. 2009.


  • Le, H.B.; Nam, J.W.; Ryu, S.T.; Lee, S.G.;, “Single-chip A/D converter for digital microphones with on-chip preamplifier and time-domain noise isolation" IEE Electronics Letters, vol. 45, Issue.3, pp.151-153, Jan.29 2009.


  • Nguyen, H.-H.; Duong, Q.-H.; Le, H.-B.; Lee, J.-S.; Lee, S.-G.,"Low-power 42 dB-linear single-stage digitally-controlled variable gain amplifier,” IEE Electronics Letters, vol.44, Issue.13, Jun 19.2008.


  • Huy-Binh Le, Huy-Hieu Nguyen and Sang-Gug Lee, “ Double Speed Cyclic Digital-to Analog Converter,” HUT-ICCE 2008, Hoi an, Vietnam, June 4-6, 2008.


  • Huy-Binh Le, Jae-Won Nam, Seung-Tak Ryu and Sang-Gug Lee, “A CMOS Sigma-Delta Modulator for a Digital Electret Microphone with a High Input-Impedance Preamplifier,” The 15th Korean Conference on Semiconductors (KCS) 2008, 20-22 Feb. 2008 Pages: 741-742.


  • D.B. Yen Nguyen, Quan Le, Yong-Hun Oh, Huy-Binh Le, and Sang-Gug Lee, “A High Linearity, Efficient Bandwidth, and High Stability Transimpedance Amplifier,” 48th IEEE international Midwest Symposium on circuits & systems, Ohio, Aug. 2005.


  • Jae-Won Nam, Le Huy Binh, Seung-Tak Ryu, and Sang-Gug Lee “Digital microphone with high input impedance linear pre-amplifier,” Korea, Patent pending, Dec. 4. 2007.