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오승민(Seoung-Min Oh)
  • 042-350-5491


  •  2000. 2 : B.S, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Chonbuk National Univ. 
  •  2002. 2 : M.S, School of Engineering, Information & Communication Univ. 
  •  2002. 3 ~ currently : Ph.D. student at Information & Communication Univ. .


  •  Samsung Electronics.
  • Department: 삼성전기 중앙연구소 ASIC Lab.


  • Current serving military duty in SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics,(The Central a research institute, ASIC3)


  • Teltron Intern Student

Research area

  • CMOS Receiver Front-End Design for IMT-2000 Design (IR-Mixer, Frequency Doubler)
  •  MESFET Oscillator and Prescaler desing for DSRC

Research result

  • Analog & Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits [VCO, Mixer, Prescaler, Frequency Doubler, etc.]
  • Phase Locked Synthesizer System Analysis and Design
  • MOPLL IC Design


  • Master Thesis : Monolithic VCO design in Standard CMOS Technology
  • S.-G. Lee, N.-S. Kim, Seung-Min Oh, J.-K. Choi, and S.-C. Kim, "A Dual-Band Receiver Architecture for PCS and IMT-2000," AP-ASIC 2000, Jeju, Korea, August 2000. 
  •  Seung-Min Oh and S.-G. Lee, "A New Approach for wide-turned oscillator in cmos technology," CIC- 2001, Nov. 2001, Seoul, Korea. 
  •  Seung-Min Oh and S.-G. Lee, "A 74% Tunable Monolithic VCO in 0.35um CMOS Technology," SoC Design Conference, Nov. 2001, Seoul, Korea.

Patent Pending

  • 오승민, 이상국, "저전력, 저위상 잡음 4위상 전압제어 발진기(Low Power, Low Phase Noise Quadrature VCO)", 2002년 2월
  • 오승민, 이상국, "차동 입력과 차동 출력을 갖는 저 전력 주파수 증배기(Fully Differential Low Power Freq uency Doubler)", 2002년 2월 
  •  오승민, 이상국, "전류원에 기인한 잡음제거를 통한 저 위상잡음 전압제어 발진기(Low phase-noise VCO by the elimination of tail current noise)", 2002년 2월 
  •  오승민, 이상국, "대칭성 향상을 통한 저 위상잡음 차동 전압제어 발진기(Low phase- noise differential VCO by improving the symmetry)", 2002년 2월